Tips for handling the Holiday blues

Posted on Dec 15, 2022 in

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This is the time of year when we think of winter weather and holidays, starting with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. There are sweets to bake, parties to attend, and celebrations with friends and relatives! Although, when injuries or illnesses happen during this time, how do we keep from having the holiday blues?

As a nurse still working at the bedside caring for others, I am not looking forward to surgery for two health issues, one of which will be by the end of this year! It is hard not to wonder and worry about finances, letting people down at work or in volunteer groups. How will I cope with pain management and possible mobility issues during the holidays?

Here’s my checklist to ensure a great Holiday with friends and family

  • Be grateful. Be in the moment and feel the joy of life, joie de vivre!
  • Get going on holiday decorations, buy presents early, and don’t overspend!
  • Celebrate with others, call, or initiate a meeting. Make new friends so you don’t feel isolated!
  • Share your appreciation, despite any ideas of what a perfect holiday should be!
  • Stay active even if it means taking a walk out in the cold; bundle up and sit in the sun!
  • Get help and communicate needs to friends and relatives. If you don’t ask, no one will know!
  • Ask questions to your MD!
  • Be knowledgeable about what’s to come.
  • Plan your response!
  • Round up all those pesky needs for surgery now while you still have time!
  • Follow the doctor’s orders!
  • Relax and trust, and let the body heal!