Alcohol Related Dementia

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Alcohol Dementia-L-RN WRITER NC

People with alcohol related Dementia experience vitamin B1 deficiency, alcohol abuse, and poor nutrition. It is also known as Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome. This syndrome is responsible for nerve cell damage in the brain and the spine. Often, head injuries are a risk from falls with intoxication, which can then cause bleeding and scarring in the brain.


Memory loss


visual problems 


lack of muscle coordination

Hard to diagnose

The doctor must weigh the history of alcoholism, check for abnormal blood levels, and evaluate for similar symptoms of other forms of Dementia. Wernicke encephalopathy is a medical emergency and indicates swelling in the brain. This syndrome can cause death if not treated immediately. Usually, at that time, patients are given an injection of Thiamine. In addition, medical providers use brain scans to check for signs of brain shrinkage.


Supplement with Thiamine, Magnesium 

Prevention of alcohol misuse

Healthy diet 

Adequate hydration


Excess alcohol interferes with the nerve transmitters in the brain, causing an inflammatory process and forming free radicals leading to cell death. 

In some cases, alcohol related Dementia is reversible but only if treated early in the discovery of the disease.


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