Annual Physical Exams

Posted on Jan 25, 2023 in

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Physical Exams for People 45 and Older

One of the best new year’s resolutions is to see your doctor yearly for a health checkup. Many doctors promote annual physical exams for people 45 and older. The visit allows you to discuss any questions and assess your health with your physician. At the same time, it builds trust and establishes a history of your present status. You can create a plan for sustained well-being, examine any maintenance or testing needs, and follow up if there are any further health issues.

If we know you when you’re well, we’re going to be ready to provide the best care when you’re sick, and we may be able to prevent some illness altogether.
~ Michael Fedewa, Jr., DO, a board-certified family physician

Little changes begin to creep in and impact our health as we age. Perhaps you don’t feel as great as you used to with head, back, or stomach aches which have forced you to manage the symptoms with over-the-counter medications. Therefore, meet with your doctor to assess your health.

You may need a reminder to jump start that sedentary life and get up and go! In addition, you might think you are saving money or time by eating processed or fast foods. But processed foods have increased salt and are empty calories compared to fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and protein.

Meet with your doctor annually to verify your health, make changes to keep you on track, and establish realistic goals for the future.