Four Kinds of Caregivers

Posted on Nov 7, 2022 in

National Caregivers Month-RN WRITER NC

 There are only four kinds of people in the world: Those who have been caregivers, those

who are currently caregivers, those who will be caregivers, and those who will need a caregiver.”

– Rosalyn Carter, Former President Jimmy Carter’s wife-

One of the most fundamental gifts in life is to be a caregiver, whether for your child, your spouse, your parents, or someone unrelated; it is life-changing.

As a young girl in college, home for the summer, I helped my grandmother get up during the night.  Then later, I supported my husband, who experienced mental health problems.

More recently, I watched my sister care for her husband, who had ALSP, a rare form of dementia.

I understand the dynamic of being in a relationship and needing to help someone.

Here are some tips:

Have patience and take a deep breath

Example: Stay calm; it’s contagious

Have faith and connect with resources

Example: First Call for Help, dial 211, get counseling, see your minister

Trust others to help your loved one

Example: Find people with similar problems, join a support group, online or in person

Communicate your loved ones’ needs to a health provider

Example: Call your doctor’s nurse to ask questions, set up an appointment for your loved one

Be creative and flexible; remember, life is unpredictable

Example: Be persistent, find another way

Be investigative, take notes, and research online

Example: Find help with online searches or at the library

Take care so that you continue being a great caregiver

Example: Ease your load, take time off to do something you love

Published November 2022, Village Without Walls Newsletter