Sarcopenia: Muscle Wasting

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Sarcopenia Muscle Wasting-RN WRITER NC




According to the Cleveland Clinic, sarcopenia impacts your quality of life by reducing your ability to perform daily tasks and is a major factor in increased frailty, falls, and fractures. It can lead to the loss of your independence and the need for long-term care.

Sarcopenia is defined as an age-related, spontaneous loss of skeletal muscle mass and strength. Evidence suggests that beginning as early as the age of 40, skeletal muscle mass and muscle strength decline with up to a 50% loss by age 80. ~ Jeremy D. Walston, MD

Sarcopenia can lead to a decline and ultimately cause a loss of independence due to the following:

Poor nutrition


Dental problems

Abnormal hormone levels

Age-related cell changes

Increased infection throughout the body

Inactive lifestyle

Approximately 10-20% of older adults have sarcopenia with symptoms such as an out-of-balance diet, difficulty with activities of daily living, weakness/fatigue, and decreased mobility and falls.

Three easy ways to prevent Sarcopenia are:

Make healthy food choices, including eating high-quality protein such as beans, legumes, or meat.

Start a regular strength-training program to improve muscle mass.

See your doctor every year to help you learn how to lower your risk for disease.

A physical therapist can assist you with:

Building strength

Maintaining good posture

Ease of walking with or without assistive devices

Getting up and down from chairs

Navigating stairs

Prevention of falls

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